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Relax and let us do everything to make sure your cargo gets to the destination of your choice on time.

Freight forwarding

The North-Western Transportation Company offers a full range of freight forwarding services including all kinds of logistics and transportation operations as well as customs clearance for all types of cargo (containerized and non-containerized), moving to or from any part of Russia via St'Petersburg's seaport to or from any destination in the world.

Land or Sea transportation of any kind/size cargo, customs clearance, storage, loading, unloading and insurance services are all provided by the NWTC.

Having acquired a broad experience and fine knowledge in this area, as well as very useful connections, our highly skilled professionals will ensure the quickest possible movement of your cargo via seaport of St.Petersburg and its delivery on the "door-to-door" basis, and will consult you regarding the documents necessary for the customs clearance and insurance.

We offer a full range of "door-to-door" delivering services that ensure the quickest and safest way of transporting your freight to its final destination

Highly-skilled professionals will consult you as for the documents required for the customs clearance, in order to pass all the port formalities. Our lawyers will help you to get your cargo insured at a reliable Insurance company.

We can offer:

  • calculation of Customs duties and taxes;
  • assistance in documents formalisation at Customs offices;
  • forwarding the cargo within the seaport of Saint-Petersburg;
  • cargo handling;
  • storage of cargo;
  • forwarding on "door-to-door" terms;
  • monitoring of cargo;
  • insurance