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Quickness, reliability and service of the highest quality
are the key principles in our business.

Transportation by sea

St.Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities in the world has been founded by Peter the Great allowing Russia to use the Baltic Sea as a trade route into Europe. Since that time St.Petersburg has become as one would say a "trading gate" into Russia, providing practically the easiest and the shortest route for any cargo to be taken into Russia via the Baltic Sea.

Having obtained close connections with large ship-owner companies during the course of our business, we offer transportation of any freight to or from any destination in the world. Among those are: MAERSK SEALAND, P&O Nedlloyd, EVERGREEN, OOCL, MSC, CMA.CGM, HANJIN, HYUNDAI, Hamburg Sud, CSAV, CAST, DSR.Senator Lines, CONTSHIP, CONTAINERSHIPS, UniFeeder, Baltic Line, Team Lines, COSCO, YANG MING, CHO YANG, ALIANCA, Hapag Loyd, K.Line, NYK Line, NORASIA, ZIM, United Arabian Shipping Line, Atlantic Ro-Ro Carriers, Lykes Lines.

We provide a wide range of container service equipment such as 20 and 40 feet containers, refrigerated containers as well as " Flat-track" and "Open-Top" containers.

Transportation by railway

Using railroad as means of forwarding your cargo is truly one of the most economically efficient ways of transportation. NWTC has large experience in organizing rail transport of any kind in a closed, open or specially equipped train, as well as in 3, 5, 10 and 20 tonnes rail containers. Our highly qualified staff plays a principal role in cargo transport of the NWTC, providing a quick, flexible and reliable freight delivery.

Transportation by autotransport

We have acquired connections with the best trucking agencies that will guarantee a high quality and very much less time-consuming service to any destination. We offer trucks of any kind, including ordinary trucks as a well as trucks with diesel generators for refrigerator containers, that could be used to move any cargo if necessary. The volume or amount of goods you are willing to transfer will not bind us in any way.